Wealth Management

Waterman Capital’s wealth management team, offers our clients a full service wealth management service. Our portfolio managers believe that by offering our clients a fully comprehensive range of services in a single package, the partnership between you and your financial advisor will be built on a solid foundation for the conducting of future business, and any future opportunities. Your Waterman Capital advisor will work closely with you or your business to get to know your financial needs and requirements, and determine the best approach and investment plan that will reach your goals.

Our team of experienced financial professionals will be with you to inform and assist you with all decisions regarding your current and future portfolios.With the markets offering such a large number of investment opportunities, it can be a tough task finding an investment that is suited to your portfolio. Waterman Capital are proud to be able to remove all the unsuited investments and present to our clients a shortlist of the best choices that are tailored to them. When working with one of our financial advisors, your portfolio is monitored and reviewed regularly this ensures that we keep your portfolio on the right track to meeting your goals.

When working with one of our team, you will always be in control, we believe that when you have all the information and the research at your fingertips, you have all the tools you need to make a decision. However we do understand that not everyone has the time to sit down and read through research all day, which is why we also offer fully managed portfolio’s where you can just relax and allow your portfolio manager to do the work for you.

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