Retail Trading

Waterman Capital offers a fully comprehensive range of services to our retail traders and their portfolios. Retail trading has been the first stepping stone into the world of investments for a large number of investors due to its ease of access, and liquid holdings. Most investors who choose to make use of a retail trading portfolio incorporate stocks, bonds as well as derivatives. As an international financial advisor, Waterman Capital has access to a wide array of investment vehicles that will compliment any portfolio. By choosing to make use of Waterman Capital’s retail trading portfolios you will have greater access to diversifying your portfolio while having a adequate risk assessment on your portfolio.

Working with a retail trading advisor here at Waterman Capital we are able to share with you our in depth knowledge, and give you education that will be of great assistance in your day to day trading in the international markets. By making the most of our retail trading services, you can choose to have a fully supported portfolio, which will give you a smooth ride into the world of investments, or if you are already experienced, and are looking for the right place to house your portfolio we can also assist you with that. All of our retail trading services are available to both individuals, as well as larger corporate clientele, our focus is on being able to provide you with the right tools and information to financially succeed in today’s markets.

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