ECM Trading

Waterman Capital is an established and widely known financial services provider in the equity capital market division. Over the last five years we have built solid foundations in the industry built on our ECM teams index beating performance, as well as their capability to identify solid opportunities for our clients. Waterman Capital have a broad reach on the equity capital market division due to the large number of financial experts we network with, which in turn allows us to show our clients a larger number of profitable investment vehicles that will be great additions to any portfolios.

Our team of financial experts, work closely with each of our departments to provide research, opportunities, and reports on a huge number of investment vehicles that can be incorporated in our clients portfolios.

Waterman Capital’s origination capabilities include:

Waterman Capital’s team of ECM traders share a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are able to provide our clients with a wide array of alternative investments including secondary offerings, IPO’s, capital raising as well as a number of other opportunities. ECM trading is a great way to diversify your portfolio, while minimizing risk, depending on the opportunity available. Some alternative investment opportunities do carry high risk, which may not be for every investor, however as with all services we provide here at Waterman Capital, your financial advisor will explain in detail all of the risks associated with your offered investment opportunities.

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