Exchange Traded Funds

Waterman Capital offer a fully comprehensive ETF division, that specializes in the implementation of ETF’s into portfolios. ETF’s have always been the choice for those investors who need a lower risk diverse approach to their portfolio. ETF’s tick both these boxes as they are comprised of commodities, bonds, and equities, and give an overall representation of the index as a whole. ETF’s are traded on exchanges in the same way as stocks or equities are, however the main difference is the way that value is determined. ETF’s value are determined by the prices of all underlying assets, stocks and commodities covered by that fund.

Because of the way that ETF’s are valued, we see a lot of new and existing clients choosing to opt in to incorporating even a small percentage into their portfolio. This is mainly due to the fact that as it is covered by a large number of underlying assets, stocks and commodities the price movements on ETF’s are comparably smaller that singular stocks. With lower movement, and lower risk while choosing to add ETF’s to your portfolio, it can be a great way to increase diversity while keeping risk to a minimum.

Waterman Capital’s ETF trading team, will work with you and your financial advisor to select a fund that is suited to your needs,and will fit in with your existing portfolio. Should you choose to start a portfolio with us, as ETF’s as the base, then we will be more than accommodating to ensure that you get the best possible advice when choosing your foundations to a long term portfolio.

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